How to apply for Admissions to the School for Children:

  1. An admissions packet can be sent by email upon request or downloaded through this website. Information about fees is provided upon request also by email during the application process. DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM
  2. Completed application forms are accepted throughout the year. You may follow-up on the status of your child’s application starting February (for the first semester) and in September (for the second semester– early childhood program only.) Only applications with additional requirements attached will be processed and forwarded to the Admissions Committee.
  3. Parents or guardians of applicants are expected to visit the school for an interview and to observe classes in order to learn more about the school. COLF believes that parents need more information about the school to determine also whether the principles and practices of the school are consistent with that they seek for their children. You will be informed by telephone, mail or e-mail regarding the schedule for school visits.
  4. After all of the requirements have been completed, parents are notified about the decision regarding their child’s application and informed about the need to confirm their child’s slot by making a reservation/deposit if their child is admitted to the school.1

1The reservation/deposit is deducted from the total amount to be paid annually and is applied to the full and final payment of fees. It is refundable within a two-week period from the date of payment as indicated in the official receipt. A students’ slot is considered confirmed only after this reservation/deposit is made.

What is the basis for admission to the School?

  1. COLF’s policy is to process applications on a first-come-first-serve basis and seeks to accommodate as many students as the available slots for every age group or type of program will permit. However, the School for Children is committed to maintaining age-appropriate child-adult ratios and class sizes, thus there is a limited number of slots available each year.
  2. Children applying for admission to the middle, upper and high school (transferring from other schools) and children with special needs of all ages are required to undergo screening, observation and assessment by COLF staff as part of the application process. These procedures are strictly for internal purposes of determining the appropriateness or responsiveness of our programs for the child’s needs or the child’s readiness for our programs. If the child is eventually admitted, the results are also used as basis for determining appropriate class placement.
  3. If a slot is available within a class which is most responsive to a child’s specific needs or for which an applicant is deemed ready, a child will be admitted to the School for Children.

Requirements for all applicants, to be submitted with the application form:

  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • One recent photo of the child

Additional requirements for elementary to high school:

  • Copy of report card from current and other schools attended
  • Student Information Form (to be accomplished by the School Principal)
  • A medical certificate from child’s attending physician

Additional requirements for children with special needs:

  • Copies of school or progress reports from current or other schools attended
  • A recent (not older than six months) evaluation report by a qualified developmental pediatrician and/or neuro-developmental psychologist, clinical psychologist
  • Updated progress reports from therapists or tutors (e.g. language, physical, psychosocial)