Artist Pool

Artist Pool is a committee that aims to enhance the students’ artistic skills, as well as to share these talents to others. This committee takes charge in creating the props and designing the stage for special school events such as Himig, Acoustic Night, School assemblies, and the like. They also provide artistic help for the programs and projects of other committees. An example of this can be creating the props and backdrops for the plays of the Performing Arts Committee, or helping Infocom with their posters or comics for the school magazine.

But, not being limited to just designing these items, the group also offers basic art lessons for students of different artistic levels. They also organize and facilitate various art contests, with the teachers assisting them in the judging.

Community Partnership

Community Partnership is a committee that encourages team building and reaching out to those less fortunate. CP is like the heart of the school where the members are always willing to help the people both inside and outside of school. The committee often arranges outreach programs for children with disabilities and terminal illness. Also, they pack donations for people and families affected by disasters. One of the past activities held by the committee was to teach people outside of school Baybayin, to ensure the language will not die out.

Inside the school, members of the committee also assist in different ways. They help with the logistics of lower school students going from their classrooms to the 4th floor gym and take the position as marshals or stage hands during school events. They also take the initiative during HSSAP activities.

Green Thumbs

The Green Thumbs committee is a committee devoted to the greening and improvement of the school grounds and campus. Members fill the halls and spaces with plants to “greenify” the school and add a touch of the outside in. Aside from this, they also promote recycling by setting up recycling centers in the second and third floors. What comes with recycling? Upcycling! The Green Thumbs also show fellow students how to turn old stuff into different project ideas.

Greening and recycling are very hard to accomplish alone. These activities teach students to work with one another to finish the different tasks. Once finished, the reward is a cleaner and more beautiful school.


Infocom functions as the journalism committee of COLF where students can express themselves through writing. They inform people around the school of current events and upcoming school activities. They also publish articles and literary works written by both members and non-members centralized within a chosen theme or topic.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts was created by the students of batch 2005 and remains active to this day thanks to the dedication of its student leaders.

This is a committee that focuses on enhancing students’ theatrical abilities and love for theater. Here, members can express themselves through acting, singing, and dancing. The committee encourages all members to embrace their true selves and draw creativity from their strengths and weaknesses. As they express themselves through actions and emotions, they are able to deliver amazing school plays year after year.

Special Groups

Choir and Music Club

The Choir started in 2005. Its purpose is to assist and sing in the school’s annual 1st Communion masses, and school events such as; Music And Dance Festival, Christmas Program and the Dance Olympiad. The Music Club, on the other hand, started in 2016. This club is a student initiative. Through these special groups, students have an avenue where they can socialize, train their ears and vocals, and be musically creative.

Dance Team

Do you ever get this feeling of just moving your feet when you hear music? It’s like every beat keeps pulling you to move your body, and you can’t stop no matter what you do. Every step, every turn, makes you forget about your troubles and you become happy. This is the essence of dancing. It makes us feel good. For these moments, the Dance Team is here. Started around 2010, its purpose is to encourage and hone students’ skills in dance. Through their various activities, students improve their flexibility, coordination, and confidence. They also learn discipline and unleashing their creativity through movement.

Varsity – COLF Basketball Team

The COLF Basketball Team is the school’s official Varsity team. They represent the school in basketball leagues like the Quezon City Athletic Association (QCAA) and Northball. Through the varsity, the students learn discipline and teamwork. Members also enjoy the sense of having a second family in school, with their coaches being their parents and their fellow teammates their siblings. Through the challenges of balancing studies while practicing for Inter-school competitions, members learn the value of time and the importance of working hard to achieve a common goal.

The school gives support through providing the team with transportation and other game needs. You can also give your support by being a sponsor or just by attending the games. Follow them on their Official Facebook Page to know more. You can also CLICK THIS LINK to see some of their photos and videos.