Events and Activities

(In alphabetical order)

Acoustic Night

As “Ber months” arrive and dry cold winds of the Amihan enter the country, COLF kicks off the cold months with Acoustic Night. This is a one-night program where talented students serenade their schoolmates with their musical prowess. Mellow tones of songs from the acoustic genre fill the air, giving off a relaxing ambience for students, as well as teachers, to unwind.

Buwan ng Wika

Tuwing buwan ng Agosto ipinagdiriwang ang Buwan ng Wika, alinsunod sa Proklamasyong Bilang 1041 na ipinabisa ni dating Pangulong Fidel Ramos noong 1997. Ang buwan ng Agosto ang nagsisilbing buwan ng pagpupugay sa ating pambansang wika, Filipino. Taun-taon nakikisama sa pagdiriwang ito ang Community of Learners sa pamamagitan ng iba’t ibang malilikhaing paraan. Ilan sa mga ito ang; Sabayang Pagbikas, pagsulat ng tula, pag-akda ng mga maiikling kwento, at pagsulat ng mga sanaysay.

Christmas program

One last hurrah before the students have their Christmas break. The program consists of musical and dance numbers usually performed by the Dance Team, Choir, and students from different classes. The goal of COLF’s Christmas program is to spread festivities before sending the students off on their merry way.

Curriculum Fair

The Curriculum fair marks the end of the school year. This is the time when students showcase the projects and tasks they have completed throughout the year for all to see. One of the highlights in the past was the display of the scale houses of the High School Math class. These were displayed the same way a professional realtor displays his/her model houses.

English, Language and Math Workshop

Being a non-traditional school, COLF has a different approach towards teaching their students English, language and math. In order for the parents to understand the differences in teaching methods, COLF holds workshops for them. A variety of lessons and games are explained by teachers and the parents try them out for themselves to gain a clearer understanding.

Family Day

Family day is a time where families of COLF students from different grade levels participate in team-based activities designed to improve team work and encourage fun and friendly competition. The families are divided into 4 teams, commonly Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. These teams compete with each other until one team comes out on top. Out of all the events, the one most anticipated is the ever-popular “Tug of Peace”, a supposedly much more peaceful version of the classic game “Tug of War”. However, due to the natural competitive spirits of people, this event becomes a much more exciting one than its name would suggest, making this the most awaited game of the day.

High school dance

COLF’s high school dance may be a little different from other schools. The dance is not limited to only Juniors and Seniors. Grades 7-12 students are allowed and encouraged to go to the dance. Unlike other schools, COLF does not require students to have a date when going to the dance.

The dance is a great way to unwind, relax, celebrate and recall successes and fond memories from the school year that has passed, and simply have fun with other students from different grade levels before moving on to summer vacation.


Himig is an event where people form bands to play rock and roll music. It is a great event to express individuality and just let loose. Students don’t necessarily need a band to participate. Music numbers can be performed solo, with a partner, or with a band. Even if you can’t play an instrument and would just like to sing, the music teacher in charge will find a band for you!

Homeroom potlucks

As a tradition, homeroom potlucks are held yearly, usually starting on August. All the classes and their families get together in school, with each family contributing a different, often homemade, dish, to be shared. The students also prepare performances such as dances, songs or a play. It all depends on the theme the class votes on.

Homeroom potlucks are a great way for the students and parents to get to know one another other and form bonds.


The HSSAP, or High School Social Action Program, is an outreach program where students develop their empathy towards others and help out the less fortunate. They go to places such as orphanages or homes for the abandoned elderly. They even help build homes in various housing projects for the poor.

At first, students may be reluctant in taking part of the HSSAP since they are put in new and, oftentimes, trying situations. But, as they get to experience helping other people, students get to understand the value of the outreach program and, in turn, take home new and wonderful memories. Seeing pure joy in the faces of the children, or seeing a sad person smile, lightens up the hearts of the students and teachers.

As what the HSSAP aims to accomplish, the students take home from the experience the value of giving care to other people and helping out those in need.


COLF holds its school intramurals every February, where students pick their sport and are teamed up with other students. This is where the students get to show their sportsmanship, athleticism, and love for playing sports.

The Intramurals offer a variety of sports the students can choose from like badminton, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, and table tennis. There are also strategy-based board games like Chess and Game of the Generals for students who like to exercise their minds. Involvement of the students in the activities are not only limited to them playing, they can also help facilitate the Sports Festival, as well as be referees.

Through the Intramurals, students not only develop their athleticism, but also their social skills, discipline, and value for teamwork and fair-play. There are no exclusions in the Sports Fest as every one who wants to have fun and play can join in all the games.

Literacy month

Literacy month in COLF promotes reading, writing and speaking in the English language. Literacy month occurs every October. Activities include book sales, costume parties and performances based on popular children’s books.

For middle school and above, competitions such as; Poetry-writing, essay-writing and poster-making, are held to promote writing and encourage students to read more.

Multiple Intelligences (MI) Fair

As a believer and supporter of the concept of multiple intelligences, COLF holds its MI Fair every year. The fair holds different games and activities that focus on the different types of intelligences, namely, linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist.

Through the MI Fair, students get to explore beyond their “book smarts” and get a clearer picture of their many talents and capabilities. As they, themselves, help out in organizing the fair, they also learn how to work and cooperate with others, and thus also improving their social skills.

Music and Dance festival (MDF)

The event marks the start of the semestral break. Here, students showcase their amazing talents through performing different song and dance numbers for their classmates, teachers, and family.