Our Programs

  • Classes for children ages two to eighteen
    • Early Childhood program (lower school)
    • Elementary (middle and upper school)
    • Secondary (high school)


  • A Family Center with Infant / Toddler (2 to 18 months) play groups and extended day programs for two to seven year-olds enrolled in the School for Children (8-4:30 P.M.)
  • An Inclusive Program : (from early childhood to adolescence) for children with special needs that provides for responsive and flexible placements on the basis of individual children’s minds. E.g. integration in regular classes; a small-group or individualized sessions; occupational, physical or speech therapy: and after school tutorials are attended as needed.
  • After-School Programs for 4-5 years old and above – Catechism, Dance, Sports/Music, Tutorials (Language, Math and Science)
  • Summer Programs – See below for our list and schedule of Programs